12659745_10153954792020972_1170180152_n photo : Julien Sato
Takeru Amano painter / sculptor
Black and white, woman and man, belong and not of belongs and not, from painting and printing, to sculpting and designing, delicate in might, an artistic mind with a following of eyes from various field of life.
2017 "ICÔNE GOLD - CHONMAGÉ & VENUS" , La Galerie Corrazza 1787 Paris
2016 "Icônes", Tokyoïtes Art, Paris. "IcônesII", Art statements, Hong Kong "IcônesIII" Quiet noise, Tokyo.
2014 "No One on the Moon", Art Statements, Hong Kong
2012 "Piece of love" EDIFICE Tokyo, Tokyo
2011 "The hero always comes late" Art Statements, Tokyo
2010 "KIRMES", HANAMI, Tokyo. "Prismatic Colored Children", Daikanyama M, Tokyo
2009 CITY OF LOVE", Shibuya Pico Gallery, Tokyo. "Prismatic Colored Children", BEAMS B GALLERY, Tokyo
2008 Light X Write Right?, UNICE Daikanyama, Tokyo
2010 Lecture, IESA Multimedia, Paris
2007 "Flying Fruits", Gallery EqliQli, Tokyo. "Even in Space", Idea Frames Omotesando, Tokyo
2006 "A foot away from battle", Gallery Kowa Omotesando, Tokyo
2005 "Abnormal Strange Fruits", shibuya Womb, Tokyo. "Abnormal Strange Fruits", SAL, Tokyo. "Abnormal Strange Fruits", Aoyama Acqua, Tokyo
2004 "Abnormal Strange Fruits", Gallery Roof, Tokyo
2003 "Abnormal Zoo Peace!", Nakameguro Space force, Tokyo